The Unit of Social Matters works to improve your time at Umeå University. The unit works with issues related to your study-time, gender equality and equal treatment as well as student finance and support functions at the university. The Head works to convey the union’s views on including the university’s equality, row of houses and other working groups. The Head is also chairman of the reception manager and ensures that the reception every year happens, ad also is developed and improved. This mainly by organizing a training course for generals, the reception managers of each program, in leadership and group dynamics.

Housing issues

As a student-to-be in Umeå, housing is perhaps the first and most important thing to think about and acquire. Below is some information and links that can help you with your house hunting.

Bostaden is currently the largest player in the rental market of student housings in Umeå. Housing is allocated for the longest queue time you have signed up on their website, it’s a good idea to do it now, log on to Bostaden now!

Balticgruppen has 432 student apartments in very close to campus, Ålidhems centrum and IKSU. Learn more about how to apply for apartment on Balticgruppen.

Lerstenen is a local real estate in a number of dwellings scattered in Umeå. You can see what they have to offer on their website.

On Umeå municipality’s website you can find more information about housing opportunities, facts about Umeå, maps and other useful information you might want to keep track of when to move here to Umeå.

KFUM is a hostel with the possibility of long-term accommodation for students. With an authentic card from the Student Union you get to stay a month in the dormitories for 3000 SEK, if you are two people can stay in the twin room for 4000 SEK / month and one person in a single room for 5000 SEK / month. Read more on their website.


It’s CSN that handles student loans and grants while studying in Sweden, visit their website for more information.
Call at: 0771 – 276 000 telephone hours: 08:00 to 16:30.


To welcome all new students studying at the Faculty of Science and Technology, NTK and its branches organizes the Student Reception. The main purpose of the Reception is to kick off the student’s time at university, and make the students feel safe, comfortable and welcome to campus and the city. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know classmates and others at the programme.

For the Reception to be as good as possible, NTK educates the Reception managers, or generals, of each programme, who then plan and ensures that the Reception is a success on the various programmes. Each programme has its own Reception and its own traditions. If you have any questions you can always get in touch with the Head of Social Matters, who is also the Head of the Student Reception.

The Unit of Social Matters

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