The Student Union House Origo

The Student Union House Origo is run by Umeå Student Union of Science and Technology and is just over 400 square meters, with study areas, restaurant and pub. The staff is made up of volunteers who handles operation and maintenance. Thanks to our non-profit personnel we can offer our selection of food and drink at a price that it fit for the students.

Do you  want to help to make the Student Union House Origo the best on campus? Send an email to the head of the student union house

You are as a student welcome to Origo during the day to socialize and study. Of course, we have wireless Internet.

As a company or organization, you can book Origo for your events.

On Tuesdays Origo is open for after-school-pub (EPP) at. 17.00 to 19.30. Friday activities starts with EPP at. 15.00 to 17.30. On Fridays and Saturdays Origo opens its nightclub 22.00.

Origo is located here next to IKSU.

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EPP Meny



Opening hours:

Tuesday: 17-19.30 EPP

Friday:  15-17.30 EPP, 22-02 Club

Saturday:  22-02 Club


Events at Origo

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