About NTK

The Umeå Student Union of Science and Technology, NTK, is the student union for everyone studying engineering, science, architecture or design at Umeå University.
Our ambition is that the education and study time of the students should exceeds everyone’s expectations.



NTK works for your right to:


  • have a good education
  • have a good university experience
  • meet the demands of the labour market
  • know what kind of work you can do after graduation
  • know what the Student Union can do for you


To achieve this, NTK works with:


  • informing you of the ways you can make a difference
  • arranging a reception to give your studies in Umeå a good start
  • arranging student-corporate meetings and Uniaden where you can meet corporations during your studies
  • overseeing the university’s work with education quality
  • simplifying the process of studying abroad



You can help NTK by:


  • taking part in course evaluations
  • giving constructive criticism to your teachers and to the Student Union
  • working as a volunteer in our café Mitum or at the Student Union House Origo
  • making an impact on your studies as a Student Union Official






All members of NTK are also members of a branch. There are eight different branches within NTK. Which one you belong to depends on which programme or what courses you study. You can read more about the different branches here.

Student Union Council

NTK’s operations are managed by the Student Union Council (in Swedish fullmäktige, short FUM), which consists of 23 people who represent the different branches. The Student Union Council is NTK’s highest decision-making body. The council’s decisions are carried out by the Student Union Board.

Student Union Board

The Student Union Board is composed of six people. Four heads of the different student union units, a chairman of the Student Union Board, and one student representative. The Student Union Board implements the decisions made by the council and conducts the union’s daily business.

Student Union Units

The four unit heads are responsible for their respective unit. There are four Student Union Units that work with Corporate Relations, Educational Matters, Informational Matters and Social Matters. For each unit, every branch elects a representative.


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