NTK runs a café, Mitum, that is situated in the heart of the MIT building. Mitum serves lunch daily and is just the right spot for a cup of coffee between lectures. Take the chance to volunteer in Mitum! These heroes get a good qualification experience, and they also get a number of privileges and to take part in special activities. New friends and a good community spirit is just a bonus! Do you want to try? Contact

Opening hours

Monday – Friday  08.00 – 16.00
Below you can see this weeks lunch menu! Vegetarian options are avalible every day, as well as lighter options such as  keish or baked potato.

Lunch menu for week 22

 Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
Salmon with potatoes

Veg; Feta cheese beefs with potatoes (vegan)

Chicken in thyme with creamy garlic and parsley rice

Veg; Fried bean sprouts, chickpeas and peppers wit creamy garlic and parsley rice

Chorizo with bulgursallad and pepper sauce

Veg; Bakes cabbage with roaste almond, bulgursallad and pepper sauce (vegan)



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