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 Utbildningsbevakningsenhetens ordförande
Head of Educational Matters
070-606 62 79

Dilovan Akal

Studiesociala enhetens ordförande

Head of Social Matters
070-606 62 77

We have duty of confidentiality!

Send in a student query

A student query is a report of a problem regarding student life in one way or another. To report something about your education, your working environment, discrimination, violation, special treatment, harassment, stress, well-being, accidents and/or incidents you can fill in the form below. Do not forget to fill in your email address if you want feedback.

If you do not want to use the form you can always come by the office of the Head of Educational Matters or of the Head of Social Matters. You find them at level 3 in the MIT building. We have duty of confidentiality which means that we are not allowed to spread the information you have given us without your approval.

In our student rights folder you can read about what obligations and rights you have as a student at Umeå University. It currently only exists in Swedish.