About NTK

About NTK

The Umeå Student Union of Science and Technology, NTK, is the student union for everyone studying engineering, science, architecture or design at Umeå University.

NTK is one of three student unions at Umeå University, the two others being Umeå Medical and Health Sciences Student Union and Umeå Student Union. NTK represents about 4000 students who mainly study at the faculty of science and technology at Umeå University. NTK’s function is to, amongst other things, monitor the students’ interests and rights as well as improve their contact with the corporate world. Each year NTK arranges Umeå University’s largest career day Uniaden together with HHUS, UMSYS and PLUM.


Our ambition is that the education and study time of the students should exceed everyone’s expectations.

What is a student union?


At Swedish universities, students’ unions are responsible for representing the students in evaluation of the education and decision-making within the universities. Not Swedish universities are affiliated with the Swedish National Union of Students. The union normally holds about one-third of the votes within every decision making body and thus holds a great deal of power.

The unions are usually governed by a general assembly of elected representatives. Students’ unions generally provide counselling services to its members and publishes their own magazines or newspapers. Large universities often have several students’ unions, where the smaller students’ unions only provide basic services. Larger students’ unions often own and run their own facilities at the university such as shops, restaurants and night clubs.

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Student unions monitor and participate in the planning of education given at the university. It is usually divided into blocks of educational matters (quality of education, orientation, teaching practice, content, coordination) and social matters (housing, health services, library and computer resources, working environment).

Other common areas within student unions are corporate relations, internationalization and equality and diversity matters. A lot of work is put into arranging social functions for the students, often pub and party events but also sport activities, student media and student receptions for new students. Before the universities was made responsible for student health services a lot of student unions had this responsibility. At some places the student unions still perform student health services.

NTK’s organization

All members of the student union are members of a section

A member of the Student Union is also a member of one of the sections. You will have the opportunity to get involved in the school board or in other entities and groups. You have the right to speak at all the sections’ meetings, the opportunity to sit in the Student Union Council and thus directly affect the work of the Student Union Board. You can go to arranged dinners and other fun events in your section. For example you can get involved in arranging activities for your programme or be the person who helps with the reception.

A list of sections (and which you belong to) can be found here.

The Student Union Council consists of the sections

NTK’s operations is governed by the Student Union Council which consists of 23 members representing the sections. How many representatives each section have depend on the size of the sections. Each section is guaranteed at least one representative. The Student Union Council is the highest decision-making body of the student union. The student union board exists to implement the decisions being made.

Units of the Student Union Council

The Student Union Council have four units with different areas of interest: the unit of educational matters, of information matters, of corporate relations and of social matters. Each unit is lead by a chairman who works full time during the operational year. The chairmen are members of the student union board. The sections choose a representative for each unit.

Student union board

The four unit chairmen work full time with matters of the area of their unit. Together with a full time chairman of the Student Union Board and a student representative they make the student union board. The chairman of the Student Union Board and student representative are chosen, just like the unit chairmen, by the Student Union Council. The Student Union Board carry out the decisions made by the Student Union Council and run the student union’s daily work.

NTK works for you to

  • have a good education.
  • have a good university experience.
  • meet the demands of the labour market.
  • know what kind of work you can do after graduation.
  • know what the Student Union can do for you.

To achieve this, NTK works with

  • informing you of the ways you can make a difference.
  • arranging a reception to give your studies in Umeå a good start.
  • arranging student-corporate meetings and Uniaden where you can meet corporations during your studies.
  • overseeing the university’s work with education quality.
  • simplifying the process of studying abroad.

You can help NTK by

  • taking part in course evaluations.
  • giving constructive criticism to your teachers and to the Student Union.
  • working as a volunteer in our café Mitum or at the Student Union House Origo.
  • making an impact on your studies as a Student Union Official.